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Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Laser hair removal is not the cheapest of ways to get rid of unwanted body hair but claims to offer the most permanent results – but does it actually work?  In this article we try to answer this important question.

Review of the New Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige Hair Removal System
Remington have just introduced IPL6750 i-Light Prestige that irons out some of the drawbacks of the older IPL models and improving on other key areas. So let’s take a closer look.

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair Experience
20 years after being assaulted (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration) by a massage chair I finally get to try out one of the new zero gravity massage chairs.

Introducing the New Philips Lumea SC2008/11 Hair Removal Device
A quick look at the features on the new Philips Lumea SC2008/11 IPL hair removal device and a summary of the differences between this and the previous Lumea SC2006/11 model.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home IPL Hair Removal System
Buying an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair removal system is an increasingly popular way to say goodbye to unwanted hair but it is also a significant investment.  Follow these simple rules to ensure you are completely satisfied.

The Facial Steamer – A Miracle Cure for Respiratory Problems?
If you ever sneezed or sniffed in front of your grandmother as a child then the chances are you were marched off to the dining room table where your head was unceremoniously plonked over a bowl of boiling water and a dirty tea cloth draped over your head.  It seems Grandma might have been on to something though!!

Is Blue Light the Cure For Stubborn Acne?
Acne can ruin lives and if you have tried everything else then maybe it is time to try something completely different – a blue light.  It has been clinically proven to work on 80% of acne and might be the answer to your prayers.