Before and After IPL Hair Removal – What to Expect

The IPL method of hair removal can be used on pretty much any part of the body with successful results.  How long it takes to achieve these results depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Skin tone
  • Hair colour
  • The area(s) of the body you are treating.  For example hair around the bikini areas is typically more course and stronger than that on the legs.
  • The amount and coarseness of the hair you are trying to remove
  • The IPL device you have chosen to use
  • The light intensity you set the IPL device to
  • How well you stick to the recommended treatment schedule and guidelines

Female Arm IPL Results

Male Upper Arm IPL Results

Male Chest IPL Results

In order to get the best results and experience have a look at our IPL Hair Removal Tips page but, with the above provisos and advice in mind, the examples shown above are what a typical user should hope to expect and the number of treatments needed to achieve it.  To give you a better idea of timescales, it is is recommended that treatments are typically scheduled 2 weeks apart (4 weeks for legs) though this can vary depending on the speed of regrowth you have.

What each IPL treatment involves in terms of your precious time – here’s a rough guide:

Face: 1 min

Underarms: 1 min per side

Entire bikini area: 5 min

One lower leg: 10 min

One full leg: 15 min

After successfully treating your unwanted hair you may need to continue to treat the area every 4 – 6 weeks just to stop any stubborn hair repairing and regrowing.

If you’re convinced then check out the best IPL hair removal devices currently on the market.  Many of these now come with smaller adapters for specifically treating around face or the bikini area and most also come with an auto flash functionality to take the hassle out of treating larger areas.

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