The Zero Gravity Massage Chair Experience

I remember walking into a store in Chicago about 20 years ago and seeing a massage chair on display. After wandering around the shops all morning I was pretty worn out so decided I would be one of those annoying customers who try out products with absolutely no intention of ever buying one.

Feeling a little self-conscious as I sat in this massive armchair in a busy store and pressed the on switch, my mental discomfort was pretty soon replaced by physical discomfort as the chair began to do what I can only describe as assault me.

What started as a gentle kneading in my back fairly quickly turned into something that made me arch my back to prevent the “metal torture rod” (I assume that is what it was) inside the chair shattering my vertebra. Admittedly it was 20 years ago and I probably had it on completely the wrong setting, but it made a lasting negative impression on me for years.

And so it was with some trepidation that I agreed to try out the BH Shiatsu M900 Milan Massage Chair  – one of the many Zero Gravity massage chairs on the market these days – if only to understand what the zero gravity element would be like.

So let’s get to that straight away…it’s a slightly (ok very) misleading name as at no point did I leave the chair or get a Sandra Bullock floating around in space feeling.  However, what I did feel as the chair reclined, and reclined, and reclined until my feet were above my torso, was an unexpectedly pleasant feeling of weight being lifted (or in reality redistributed) throughout my body.

The chair had rather cleverly already scanned my body and adjusted everything to my size so I was perfectly secure and ready for the next stage…the actual massage.

At this stage I did not want a repeat of the spinal gouging of yesteryear and, looking at the bewildering array of settings and massage combinations on the LED display controller in front of me, I decided to ask the seller for help. Over the next 5 minutes I had an amazingly firm yet painless back massage (made even better when the heat pads started up), combined with a gentler shoulder and neck massage. I was then given a quick demonstration of the arm, leg and head massage options before sadly being brought back down to earth (what the opposite of “reclining”) and climbing out of the chair with a big, if rather sleepy, looking smile on my face.

It’s pricey but it’s amazing and if I had the money then I would buy one today and probably never leave it.  Summary, I’ve been converted.

As i said. there are loads on the market but check out the BH Shiatsu M900 Milan massage chair I tried and the others available in that range on our best massage chairs page