5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home IPL Hair Removal System

So you’ve heard wonderful things about IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal systems and think that it may be the answer to your unwanted hair issues.  It is true that the vast majority of people who have tried it are shocked at the great results they get, but some are also shocked at the many hundreds of pounds clinics charge for the required number of sessions.  This high cost, and the advancement in technology, has resulted in a rapid growth in the number of IPL systems you can use yourself at home for a fraction of the cost.

Despite being a fraction of the cost, the best home IPL systems are still going to set you back between £250 – £450 pounds (though if it gets rid of your unwanted hair and allows you to stop waxing, shaving and plucking all the time it suddenly seems not so bad).  You do however want to make sure you invest wisely in something right for you so we’ve compiled a short checklist of 5 things to consider.

SKIN COLOUR: The colour of your skin – if you have black or dark skin then sorry but IPL is not for you as the light could seriously damage or burn your skin.  All IPL devices will either come with a skin-colour chart to tell you what intensity setting to use or an in-built skin sensor that will set the intensity for you.  On the latter, if your skin is too dark the system simply won’t let you use it so don’t waste your money buying one and find it refuses to work.

HAIR COLOUR: The colour of your hair being treated – if you are treating red, grey or light blonde hair then the IPL light will not be absorbed into the hair follicle and therefore won’t be very effective.

TREATMENT AREA: The area of your body you are looking to treat – if you are looking to treat a very specific or sensitive area then it is best to look for an IPL device with a filter attachment that keeps the light in a concentrated area.  Also if it is a fiddly area then you’d probably find it easier to use a battery powered IPL system that does not have a power cable getting in the way.  We’d recommend the award winning Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954 IPL device as it has great filter options and can be used with or without a cord.

TREATMENT AREA SIZE: The size of area you need to treat – if you are treating a small area such as your face, bikini line or maybe your arms then it won’t take long to do each session.  If however you are treating a larger area such as your legs or torso then this can take significantly longer and some of the battery powered devices might not keep their charge long enough to complete the session in one go.  That’s not the end of the world as they only take about an hour or two to recharge but it’s a bit annoying and you may therefore want to go with a mains powered IPL system instead.  If you are going to be treating quite a large area then other considerations include:

  • The size of the treatment head on the IPL device – the larger it is the more skin you’ll treat with each flash
  • The flash life of the IPL lamps as this can vary greatly and could be quickly used up on multiple treatments of large areas – though all new devices have eliminated this problem
  • The speed of the pulse and the general ease of use – many come with single, manual flash for specific areas and rapid multi-flash for treating larger areas

Given a choice, for treating larger areas, we’d probably go with the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 PL3157

YOUR BUDGET: Home IPL devices are an investment and as with most things you pay for what you get.  That does not mean that there aren’t a few ways to save yourself a serious amount of money.  Firstly, the manufacturers of these IPL systems are continually striving to out-do each other in terms of the features and functionality their devices offer and this means new versions are regularly being released.

When this happens you can pick up a perfectly suitable older version (minus some features you might not really care about) at a significantly reduced rate.  Secondly, it’s a competitive market now and there are frequent discounts being offered by retailers – you really should not have to ever pay full price these days.  Apologies for the shameless bit of self-promotion here but we at Home Beauty Products have listed what we consider to be some of the best home IPL devices out there; where there are older version available (plus what features they do and don’t have) and also the current best prices and discounts available.

Lastly – if you do buy an IPL system then we hope these tips helped and you get the results you wish for.