Remington i-Light Prestige IPL6750 Hair Removal System Review

Remington have brought out a fair number of IPL devices over the years and the team producing the Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige have done a great job of ironing out some of the drawbacks of the older models (mainly around very poor lamp life) and improving on other key areas. What you have now is a product that can confidently sit alongside other market leading IPL devices – so let’s take a closer look.

Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige Hair Removal Device

The IPL6750 is a mains powered system with a generous lead so, although you lose some of the flexibility of the cordless models, you don’t have to worry about charging whilst treating large areas.

Talking of treating large areas, this IPL device has a 50% larger treatment head compared to previous models (at 3 cm2) so that more skin can be targeted with each flash.  If you do need to treat more sensitive areas then there are 2 attachments included, both at 2 cm2, – one for treating the face (below the cheek bones and only for women) and one specifically for use around the bikini area.

Another way the Remington IPL6750 Prestige helps treat larger areas of your body is its unique multi-flash mode which triggers the light every 3 seconds. Again, if you want to treat specific or sensitive areas then this is catered for by allowing a manual single flash option.

As mentioned at the beginning, earlier i-Light Pro models (the 4000, 5000 series and the IPL6000) all suffered from lamps that were totally not up to the job and required you to buy replacement bulbs.  This was obviously not a great selling point so a key advancement in this model is the introduction of a quartz “infinity” bulb that, as the name suggests, should never need replacing.

Another area where Remington’s 6000 range has improved on the older 4000 and 5000 models to bring it in line with competition is an in-built skin sensor that works out the correct intensity setting (there are 5 levels) for your skin and the specific area of your body that you are treating – preventing skin damage.

The controls themselves are extremely easy to use and understand so you should be able to get to grips with using the device in no time.  There is an easy to read display that lets you instantly see skin sensor and light intensity settings.

Remington i-Light Pro IPL6000 IPL Settings

This all sounds great but what you really want to know is how effective it is at getting rid of your unwanted hair. In this regard the Remington IPL6750 has some pretty impressive stats:

Their website states that although results will vary from person to person, clinical tests on the body showed up to 94.3% fewer hairs twelve months after only three treatments. This 12 months period includes the occasional “top up” session where you see any stubborn hair trying to grow back and, in reality, as each of these three treatment can be done 2 weeks apart,  you’ll typically see a significant improvement in only 6 weeks…maybe a bit longer if you have a slightly darker skin tone.  These are the same sort of stats you would see from professional hair removal devices.

Here’s a review on Amazon:

My first session pretty much worked and I haven’t had many hairs grow back at all and my section session (2 weeks later) has just been about getting any hairs that I missed first time around. For the first few days it just feels like you have shaved and is a bit spiky but these fall our and before you know it your area is smooth.

In terms of low long treatments could take – here’s a rough guide:

Both complete legs – 42 minutes
Both lower legs – 21 minutes
Just the bikini line – 3 minutes
The complete bikini area – 5 minutes
Both underarms – 3 minutes

So, there you have it, the Remington IPL6750 i-Light Prestige has set the new standard for this brand and sits high on our list of the best IPL Hair Removal devices available.  What’s more, it is typically on sale for way less than £300 so it’s significantly cheaper than some other leading Brands.

Price Remington i-Light Prestige IPL6750