Red Light Photo-Facial FAQs

Red Light photo-facial treatment for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation is not new and has been used in clinics for over 35 years.  However, it has only really become popular recently with the introduction of devices that now allow you to treat yourself at home at a fraction of the cost.  If you have never tried it before then you might understandably be rather skeptical or have a lot of questions about it so this page tries to answer as many of those questions as possible.

How does the red light help with the signs of anti-ageing and skin blemishes?

Red-Light systems use a specific wavelength of  light (around 660nm) that triggers the fibroblast cells in our bodies to increase the natural production of collagen and elastin (which makes your skin firmer and more flexible again) and increase micro-circulation (which gives your skin a fresher and more youthful appearance).  The introduction of Red Light onto the skin has been shown to increase the rate of skin cell growth by 150 – 200%, helping the skin to regenerate and heal itself quicker and more effectively.

Is it safe and does it hurt?

People have been using the red light photo-facial method for decades and scientific studies have found no known risks or harmful side effects.  It is however recommended that you do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

The light wavelength used poses no risk of UV damage but some people are sensitive to light so it is recommended in some manuals that you do a light sensitivity test before you treat your whole face.  In terms of pain – it should be totally painless and in fact you will probably feel a pleasant warming sensation whilst you use it.  In summary – it is simply a safe and highly effective way to treat a variety of skin conditions.

How much do the home use Photo-Facial Red-Light devices cost?

There are a number of Red-Light anti-ageing devices on the market and typically you will be looking at around £200 – £250 for one of the popular brands (though as you’ll see from our Compare Best Red Light Photo-facial devices page – discounts are often available).  This is significantly cheaper in the long run compared to using creams, professional clinics or more extreme methods such as facial peels.

Low long does it take to work ?

Most of the brands claim that you should start to see a difference in one week (consisting of 3 or more short daily sessions) with a really noticeable improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and skin complexion after a month or two.

How often should i use it?

It is recommended that you use it every day – but it should only take around 3 minutes to treat your whole face

What areas of my body can I treat?

You can use anywhere on your body but obviously the face is where most people use these devices.  The light is bright so you should take care not to shine it directly into your eyes.  Some models such as the HoMedics Tanda Luxe provide goggles to give you additional protection but you just need to be careful.

Can I use without removing make-up?

You can but for best results it is recommended that you cleanse your skin before treatment

Can I use through my clothes?

No, the Red Light cannot penetrate effectively through clothes so you will need to place it directly against your skin for the best results

Can I still use my normal creams and moisturisers, make-up afterwards etc?

Yes – there is no reason why you cannot continue to use whatever lotions you were using prior to starting this treatment – in fact, as the Red Light Photo-Facial opens up your pores, you may even find that your skin is able to absorb them more effectively for better results.

Is this a permanent solution?

No, as with any treatment your skin will try to go back to it’s original state eventually and you should continue with your sessions to maintain the positive effects.  The good thing is that the devices last for a very long time so your initial investment will keep your skin looking great well into the future