Introducing the New Philips Lumea SC2008/11 Hair Removal Device

Since Philips launched their new Lumea SC2008/11 hair removal system we have had a fPhilips Lumea SC2008-11ew people asking us what new features it provides and, more importantly, what’s the difference between this and the Philips SC2006/11 device that is currently available at a much cheaper price.  So let’s answer both those questions.


What does the Philips Lumea SC2008/11 offer?

The Lumea SC2008/11 comes with all the great features that you find on the extremely popular previous Lumea model (that has been proven to provide an 80% reduction in hair regrowth in only 12 weeks).

You can see the full specifications for each Lumea Model on our best IPL comparison page but in short you get:

–    A cordless device with an excellent battery life and quick 100 minute recharge
–    A 4cm head for treating the legs and torso plus two smaller (2cm) filters – one for the face and one for the bikini area
–    A lamp that lasts 140,000 flashes and will therefore never need replacing
–    A step-and-flash mode so you can manually decide when the light is triggered (perfect for treating around your face or sensitive areas) or a slide-and-flash mode that automatically triggers the light as you glide it across your skin (great for treating bigger areas without getting an aching finger)
–    5 energy settings so you can set it to the intensity that suits your skin / hair colour or the area you are treating

What is the Difference between the Philips Lumea SC2006/11 and Lumea SC2008/11?

This won’t take long as there are only really 2 differences between them.

Firstly in terms of extra features, the SC2008/11 model comes with the standard precision filter found on the SC2006/11 but also has an additional Bikini precision filter designed to be used around erm…the Bikini line (either that or it is very badly named).

This new Bikini precision filter is designed to give you added confidence and performance whilst zapping around your groin.  It also seems to have a different (clear) filter head on it that can cope with the typically coarser hair in that area.

Our first thoughts were that Philips have been promoting the standard precision filter on the SC2006/11 as being specifically designed for your face and other “sensitive” regions without any complaints so why did they suddenly decided it is not suitable.   Maybe it’s a real improvement or maybe they just needed a new feature for their latest model.

Some users have fed back that they find the new smaller attachment takes too long to treat the intended area so they use the standard precision filter and just set it on a lower setting.

The second difference between the Lumea SC2006/11 and 2008/11 model is the battery life.  It apparently has a longer battery life with a minimum of 370 flashes before you’ll need to recharge it.  Not sure how much better this is than the previous models but battery life has never been an issue with the Lumea and a full recharge only takes 100 minutes.

So there you have it.  The Philips Lumea SC2008/11 has all the fantastic features you find on the other Lumea devices that make it a market leader but with a couple of little (literally) extras.  You can check out the latest price for the 2008/11 model here