The Facial Steamer – A Miracle Cure for Respiratory Problems?

If you ever sneezed or sniffed in front of your grandmother as a child then the chances are you were marched off to the dining room table where your head was unceremoniously plonked over a bowl of boiling water and a dirty tea cloth draped over your head.

Grandma may have had a lot of crazy ideas but this one has lasted the test of time and has been clinically proven to make a significant difference to a wide number of short and long-term respiratory problems. The problem with the boiling hot bowl of water technique is that:

  • It is boiling hot water inches from your face in a bowl that can be spilt all over you (Health and Safety!!)
  • The optimum water temperature is only maintained for a few short minutes before cooling down
  • You only want the steam to go up your nose but instead you end up steaming your whole face like a lobster

The solution to all these issues has come from a product that was designed for a completely different purpose – the facial sauna (also known as a facial steamer or facial spa).  These have been around for a while now and were originally designed to help people open up their pores in order to remove make-up, daily grime and blackheads that cause acne.

Although incredibly effective at all these things the users of the facial steamers also started noticing that it was a great way to relieve their headaches, coughs, colds, sinus and often other chronic respiratory issues such Beurer Facial Sauna with Nasal Attachmentas COPD (Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema etc).  It is important to note that a facial steamer is not going to cure you of any infection but it can help relieve some of the symptoms – giving your body the breathing room (pun intended) to fight it off.

The warm and moist steam is thought to do this by helping to thin and clear the mucus that can build up in your nose, throat and lungs as well as ease the discomfort in your nasal passages caused by swollen or inflamed blood vessels.

Doctors have for years actively promoted steaming as a way of helping relieve respiratory symptoms, so when the facial steamer product reviews started to rave about the medicinal benefits of these devices, the makers realised that there was an opportunity to incorporate these benefits into their marketing and adapt their products accordingly.  To this end you’ll now find that most facial steamers come with a separate nasal adaptor that allows the steam to be funnelled around and up your nose.

Another unexpected area where the facial steamer has become popular is with singers who find it helps maintain their vocal cords and to treat them when they get strained or have nodules forming on them.

Steamers come with a safe water reservoir that cannot be spilt; the ability to change and maintain a comfortable steam temperature and even the ability to plug in aromatic oils for a relaxing experience.  Oh, and you don’t need grandma’s dirty dishcloth on your head.

Check out more about facial steamers and see some of the best you can buy for around £25