Compare Best Red Light Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Systems

As awareness of the benefits of Red-Light (photo rejuvenation) rapidly increases so the number of devices that are available for you to use in the comfort of your own home have also grown.  Although these devices all work in basically the same way they can vary in terms of functionality, effectiveness and price.  In order to allow you to make an educated decision as to which is best for your circumstances and your budget we have listed the main Red Light devices on the market and highlighted the pros and cons of each.

We also check to see where you can get the best prices (we take into account postage costs) so you don’t pay a penny more than you have to:

HoMedics Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Device

Rating for Tria BeautyHoMedics Tanda Luxe Anti Ageing Device

Best Price: Amazon – £131.96

Very well known and respected brand
Pros: Compact and cordless – this device makes it easy to use at your convenience anywhere you like
Pros: Has a large treatment head so larger areas of skin can be treated in one go – helping to speed up your session
Pros: Treatment head should last for 300 hours (equivalent of 6,000 3-minute treatments) so you’ll get loads of use before needed to replace
Pros: Claims most people should start to see improvement in skin texture and feel within 1 week and a noticeable improvement in wrinkles and fine lines within 4 weeks
Pros: Safety goggles are included to protect eyes should you find  light too bright
Pros: Individual treatment heads are available to purchase if you are sharing device and interchangeable with the HoMedics Clear+ Acne Treatment product
Cons: Fully charged battery lasts 24 minutes (though this is enough for most sessions)

What users have to say:

“I didn’t want to go down the Botox / fillers / peel road and had tried light therapy /microdermabrasion facials with good results but at £70 a pop not very affordable on a regular basis. So bought this and can’t rave enough about it. Already my skin is plumper and rosy looking – seriously I look a good 5 years younger.”

“This was bought for me as a Christmas gift. I have used it three times and have definitely seen an improvement. My daughter who is a qualified beauty therapist used it and was very impressed with it. She is now going to buy one for herself”

Silk’n Reju Skin Care and Anti-Ageing Device

Silkn Reju Skin Care Device

customer rating 4 half


Best Price: Amazon – £159.99
Save £89

Pros: Very well known and respected brand with excellent proven results
Pros: Compact and cordless – allowing you to use when and where you like
Pros: Claims to provide 91% improvement in skin texture, 69% reduction in lines and wrinkles and a 47% fading of skin blemishes in only 8 weeks
Pros: Battery lasts long enough to treat whole face and full recharge only takes 180 minutes
Cons: Does not come with safety goggles as with HoMedics Tanda above (though they are not really needed)

What users have to say:

“Like most people I am skeptical about products that claim to get rid of wrinkles.  I have only been using this product for 2/3 weeks,but can already see a wrinkles are less noticeable and my overall skin appearance looks a lot clearer – very good for pores.”

“I am 50 and have mild Rosacea. After two weeks of using this device and during a rosacea flare I already notice a huge improvement in the overall quality of my skin – vastly superior to any cream I have ever used.”

“Can’t believe a product like this actually works, it’s fabulous! Really easy to use and very quick everyday just a couple of mins.”