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This page provides you with a complete list of everything you will need in order to make home IPL hair removal as successful and comfortable an experience as possible.  Below you can buy the IPL hair removal system, the gels and creams and the accessories such as safety glasses and replacement IPL lamps.

IPL Hair Removal Systems

If you want the best results it’s obviously important to choose a recognised, quality IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device.  There are a number of brands out there providing IPL systems that offer permanent or semi-permanent hair reduction results that can rival that of professional IPL or Laser clinics that often costing hundreds of pounds per session.

These home versions are all effective and easy-to-use pretty much anywhere on your body but, to help see which is right for you and your budget, we have collated the best IPL hair removal systems available such as Tria, Philips Lumea, Remington and more for you to compare.  We also check daily to show where the biggest discounts are currently available on each IPL device.

IPL Safety Glasses

As the IPL method of hair removal uses intensely bright light it could potentially cause damage to your eyes if accidentally flashed into them.  You should only ever use IPL treatment from the cheeks down so IPL safety glasses do not typically come with any of the home IPL devices.  If you want to play it safe it is possible to buy IPL glasses from Amazon for around £25…or just be really careful.

IPL Pre-Treatment Conductive Gel

If you have been to a clinic for IPL hair removal treatment you’ll know that they generally rub gel onto the area being treated before they start.  This is because a special IPL conductive gel will:

  • Help magnify the light from the IPL device as it hits and penetrates the skin down to the hair root giving better results
  • Helps to cool and protect the skin as you treat it
  • Ensures you do not accidentally singe the hairs during treatment which can then melt themselves onto the lamp head.

Most home IPL systems don’t require you to use this IPL Conductive Gel but if you wanted to then you can buy it pretty cheap from Amazon.

IPL Hair Removal Replacement Lamps / Bulbs

Depending on how often and how long you use your IPL device and which one you buy , the lamp bulb may need replacing.  Almost all IPL devices on the market have bulbs that should never need replacing (or if they do should be covered under warranties) but on some of the older Remington models you may need to buy a replacement bulb such as:

Remington SPIPL i-Light Replacement Bulb
Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Removal System 1000 Replacement Cartridge

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