IPL Hair Removal Reviews

We only recommend products we are confident will bring complete satisfaction to our users but sometimes it helps to hear that they work from people who have bought and tried IPL hair removal in the past.  We’ve tried to find a good selection of reviews that cover users with a variety of hair /skin issues and requirements.

IPL Hair Removal Reviews

“I just purchased an IPL hair removal system. My goal was to thin facial hair (I am a male) and treat some skin conditions (the one i bought has an optional Skin Rejuvenation Cartridge). Although I have not used it very much, I already notice some improvement in acne, as well as hair reduction (after only two treatments). I am confident that with more treatments I will see even better results”.



“So I bought an IPL system at a beauty trade show in France during a cheap vacation I got on Expedia when it was piloted there and the results speak for themselves… first of all, it really doesn’t hurt, if you are sensitive to pain like me IPL is the way to go I think.  After just 2 treatment on my legs and thighs some hair grew back but in patches, which is no issue at all since I shave every other day anyway so about 1/3 reduction right away – cool.

Then 4 treatments later the hair that did grow back was only 20% and mostly turned blonde and thin which was great and I saw even more reduction… now finally 7 treatments and there was very little growth at all, like almost nothing! So… Its been 5 months and I have not shaved at all these last 3 weeks! Spectacular”!

Jesse (Yahoo Answers)


“I absolutely love the Tria product! I have been using it for 4 months, and the results are fantastic. I am only shaving once a week, and that is only to do so before treating. The hair that is left is finer and very sparse. It is very easy to use, and I just alternate between lower and upper legs each week. Does not take long for each session. I have been telling all of my friends what a great product this is…only wish I had discovered it sooner!”

Gatorgirl (Tria Customer)


“I have beein using the Tria for 3 full months now and have definitely seen an improvement on my legs, bikini, and underarms. I no longer have that dark “shadow” of hair still beneath the surface on my bikini area and hardly shave that area at all anymore. The growth on my legs and underarms has drastically slowed down and the hair that is there is lighter and finer. My legs have a smoother look to them.”

TwinB (Tria Customer)


“I just got mine a few weeks ago, I read up on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which is far less painful then regular laser treatment, since it uses light to penetrate the skin instead of laser, which has the risk of burning you, and does less damage to the skin cells.  It apparently lasts 3 to 4 times longer (more light “shots”) then other machines and you just replace the bulb afterwards.

I am on my 3rd treatment, and now I am seeing results. I used it on a really low setting at first and I didn’t see much, then I increased the levels and the hair hasn’t coming back, which is what they say on the site: that its a gradual process.  Hope that helps a bit. Definitely make sure your skin type matches the requirements, they have a chart on the site”.

Jordano1 (Yahoo Answers)


“I had seen various ads for IPL and became really intrigued at the notion of being hair free, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally order the product. To this day I honestly believe it was one of the best investments I have ever made. It has taken away the pesky unwanted hair on my body, and added a type of versatility and flexibility to my life that I have never experienced before. When I was buying the product I knew not having to worry about shaving and waxing was going to be great, but I never realized how great.

I can throw on shorts and skirts and not have to worry about shaving and waxing my legs or thighs, I can wear sleeveless tops and not worry about gross armpit hair, or hairy arms that make me look unfeminine. Bikini’s are no longer a problem because, well you get the point. lol. After all the time, energy, and hassle I put into waxing, shaving, and those depilatories my only regret is not getting this product earlier; I could have saved myself so many precious hours of my valuable time. Arghhh.. I guess you live and learn.

Yasmeen (Amazon US)


For quite some time now I have been dealing with Folliculitis which causing the hair follicles on my legs to get inflamed and ingrown whenever I would shave. It’s painful and looks awful due to all the red marks it creates. My doctor had recommended that I go to a clinic for laser hair removal. The prices were ridiculously high, and I was quite distraught.

I asked around, and a friend of mine mentioned home hair removal products that uses IPL instead of laser, and looked a lot cheaper than going to the clinic.  I purchased one online and I started using it several days after my last leg shave, because I really didn’t want to shave again. After the first treatment, I did notice right away a decrease in the red spots that I get, and maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me but it seemed like the hair grew back a bit more slowly.

I have continued the treatment for 3 months now, and I am absolutely over the moon. I am not getting ingrown hairs, and I haven’t been having to shave anymore. There is still the occasional hair that will popup, but its noting compared to what I was dealing with before.  I am so happy with with my product, and I do highly recommend IPL to anyone dealing with the same issues.

Anna W (iplhairremovalreview.com)


“Recently I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, one of the symptoms of the condition was unwanted hair growth on my body. Needless to say, as if having cysts on my ovaries wasn’t devastating enough, I also had additional unwanted body hair- and it made me totally miserable.

My skin was too sensitive to shave, waxing gave me ingrowns, and depilatories gave me chemical burns and didn’t work.

I did some research online for a more permanent solution and came across VISS. It seemed like a great alternative so I decided to try it out, because at that point I was starting to get hopeless.

My IPL machine arrived very promptly as promised and I was skeptical but excited to start treatment. I read the directions and began to use the machine right away. It couldn’t be simpler to use, just wait for the electronic beep, then push the button on the handle to activate the IPL. So basically only one real step, can’t really ask for much more convenience or simplicity. It was very easy and I experienced very little to no discomfort the entire time I used the product. I used my machine from my underarms to my legs and really experienced some amazing results. After several months of use, (using the machine as directed every 2 weeks) I saw about a 90% reduction in the amount of hair I had. (which is an unbelievable feat because I have very thick, coarse stubborn hair), and if I could experience results like those I really believe others could experience results just as good if not better.

I really wanted to thank the company for the ingenuity to make such an amazing product and allowing me to return to a normal life”.



IPL has worked wonders on my unwanted hair. I have used it on my legs, thighs, underarms, and stomach, and my body has never been so smooth and hairless. I have almost no hair that grows back, and the hair that does grow back I think is in part due to the fact that I think I may have missed a few spots while using my machine.

Using the IPL machine on the body is extremely simple, and doesn’t take much time at all. It is a product that really does what it claims- and that is permanent hair removal.

Its a summer MUST- have- imagine going to the beach/pool totally hairless and not even having to shave or wax to accomplish it. IPL has provided me with more free time to myself, and less headaches because now I don’t have to worry about shaving or waxing my body. Its been such a relief and a god-send. I don’t usually review products but I felt compelled to let you guys in on a product that won’t let you down.


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