Tips for Buying a Massage Chair

Things to Consider when Buying a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are great but they can be a big investment so you want to make sure what you buy is perfect for you.  This quick guide highlights some of the important things to consider before buying one.

Do you have space for a massage chair?

Some of these massage chairs are pretty big and therefore you need to consider if you actually have space for one in your house at all (or whether you might need to sacrifice another bit of furniture to fit it in). Remember that many massage chairs can recline so you need to take this into consideration and not place it right up against a wall.

For example, these are the dimensions of the BH Shiatsu M1200 Scala Massage Chair and as you can see, if you want the chair fully reclined (admittedly that is pretty much lying down), it will be taking up over 2 meters in length.

Dimensions (upright): Length=150cm (60”), Width=93cm (37”), Height=120cm (47”)

Dimensions (fully reclined): Length=205cm (81”), Width=93cm (37”), Height=78cm (31”)

Where in the house you position the massage chair is obviously up to you and the space limitations within your house. You can have it in your living room but many people prefer situating it in a room where they can get away from the rest of the family, the TV and noise – such as a bedroom, spare room, conservatory or study.

Many electric massage chairs these days come with sound systems and even sensory lights built into them so a room where you can have total peace and quiet and shut the curtains will only enhance the experience.

Massage chairs do typically come with wheels on the bottom so moving it around is not too much of a problem – though you might need a bit of help.

Features you can get on an electric massage chair

You would be amazed at the features you can get on electric massage chairs these days. However, there are many features that seem great when you read the product spec but in reality you’ll never use.  You’ll be paying for these so make sure you pick a massage chair that meets your needs – not exceeds it.

Massage Options: Features that can increase the price of a massage chair are things like having multiple body massage options and several intensity levels.  Many will come with massage options such as kneading, tapping, finger tapping, wavelet, pummeling etc and will allow you to specify exactly what parts of the body you want to be massaged.

If you think you need a wavelet hand massage then go for it but we would suggest you are realistic as to what you would typically use it for.  If you have a specific area that you need a deep massage on then make sure that is included in the massage chair’s repertoire – but if you just want a simple back massage then go for a more basic model.

Audio Options: In-built stereo speakers come as standard on many massage chairs with jack  / USB points to allow you to plug in your music.  It is a great feature to allow you to immerse yourself in music whilst having a massage but if you have a perfectly good sound system in the room or an MP3 player with headphones then do you really need it?

Lighting Options: LED mood lighting is supposed to enhance the whole massage experience but again, it is probably something you can live without and save on the price.

Heating Options: Thermal massages are available on some massage chairs (typically for the back area) and are a great way to increase the massage effectiveness and sensation but are an added cost.

Getting the right massage chair for your body size

Most massage chairs are ideally suited for people around 5’10 but there is obviously a lot of leeway. Massage chair manufacturers understand that we come in all different shapes and sizes (and that many people might want to use the chair) so they typically make any adjustments quick and easy to do.  If you are significantly taller or shorter than that then it might be worth checking that they are adjustable and suitable for you.

Most high-range electric massage chairs will automatically adjust to the height of the person sitting in it (by sensing where the tops of your shoulders are) but even on cheaper models you will be able to use the control pad to manually adjust the position of the rollers etc when you use it if necessary.

So now you understand the key things to consider you can compare the best massage chairs to see what is right for you