Blue Light Acne Treatment

Acne (and related skin problems) can ruin lives and there are loads of creams, tablets and remedies out there that can help to minimise the appearance of spots and blemishes – with varying degrees of success.  One treatment that does seem to work on 80% of acne is the blue light based method and there are a number of Blue Light Acne treatment systems to choose from

How does Blue Light Acne Treatment Work?

To answer this you first need to understand what causes acne in the first place.  Acne occurs when your body produces too much of the male hormone androgen (that is in fact present in men and women).  Androgen is responsible for making increased levels of oil (sebum) to be produced by your sebaceous gland which in turn can cause the pores in your skin to get blocked.  These blocked pores stop the oil rising to the skin’s surface making it susceptible to bacteria feeding on the oil and causing the inflammation and spots.

Light based acne treatment systems work by gently penetrating the skin with a specific type of blue light that targets and kills the bacteria that feeds on blocked pores – the main source of most acne and inflammation. With home treatment systems you can get the same level of effectiveness as professional / prescription treatments but, even if used daily, will effectively clear break-outs with causing dryness, redness or other irritations.

Which Blue Acne Light System to Use?

We have listed the leading Blue Light Acne systems here for you and highlighted where you can currently get the best discounted price.

Many of these devices are produced by the manufacturers of IPL Hair Removal systems, so they have years of experience in light based treatments.  As with their IPL systems, they have undergone clinical trials to ensure they are safe and effective to use but it is worth noting the Blue Light acne treatment is not effective for all acne types so speak to your doctor first.

You’ll see that many devices these days also incorporate a red light which has been proven to reduce the inflammation of acne whilst the blue light is killing the bacteria – so you may want to look for one of these.  You’ll also notice that things have moved beyond the hand-held devices that you hold against your skin towards actual LED Light Therapy Acne Masks you can wear to treat your whole face in whole go. They are often a lot cheaper at around £50 and get great reviews so you may want to check out that option too.

Many people have had great, life-changing success with this blue-light method so it is worth considering it too if acne is a problem for you.

My acne was mild to moderate but would flare up occasionally and I would never go out without makeup, but after the first month of use I felt confident enough to spend the day with no make up. It really has made a difference, I was sceptical that a product I could use at home would not be strong enough to make a difference but I am so glad I bought this, and would recommend that you give it a try.

Growing up I suffered with acne…and even into my adulthood. I had tried countless products, both over the counter and prescription, and nothing consistently worked. I saw the TRIA blue light product in an Allure magazine and thought I’d try it. After a couple of weeks I noticed my skin clearing up and I even started to receive compliments on my complexion!! It has been about 2 months and I’d say that more than half of my breakouts are gone!

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