Compare Best IPL Hair Removal Systems

If you have been considering buying an Home IPL system for hair removal then you’ve probably noticed that there are quite a few out there all making big claims and varying greatly in price. To help, we’ve picked the best and provided the pros and cons of each below so you can decide which is right for you and your budget.

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Philips: Philips Lumea IPL

Rating for Philips Lumea

Philips are constantly updating their award winning Lumea IPL models with new features so there are a rather confusing number on the market at the moment for you to choose from. We’ve highlighted the newest ones below that we feel offer the best functionality and value, explaining what specific features each has so you can decide which is best for you. Award Winning Philips Lumea IPL

Biggest Saving on:

Philips Lumea SC2009/00: Boots Online – £350
Get £14 worth of Boots points

Philips Lumea SC2006/11: Amazon – £289.97
Save £160.03 (-36%)

Philips Lumea SC2004/11: Amazon – £249.99
Save £100 (-29%)

Philips Lumea SC2002/01:
Amazon – £400

This is a multi-award winning and popular brand (used by over 1 million people according to their website) where clinical studies have demonstrated significant hair reduction within two fortnightly treatments and “optimal hair-free results” achieved after four to five sessions – though this will vary from person to person and require occasional re-treatment.
Pros: Lots of models to choose from at the moment (online) varying in functions and price so there’s something for every budget and need.
Pros: Great lamp life (all models listed above claim at least 100,000 flashes and models from SC2006 and above boast even more at 140,000) which means you’ll not need to replace any Philips Lumea device
Pros: 5 intensity settings to cover all skin types and treatment areas plus an in-built UV filter
Pros: The SC2006 & 2002 models come with a smaller precision filter you can attach when treating around face / specific sensitive areas. (The SC2004 does not have this filter).  The new SC2009 model has a dedicated attachment for the bikini area too.
Pros: Built in safety ring feature prevents accidental flashing
Pros: SC2009, 2006 and 2004 models feature a “Slide and Flash” option that tracks the movement over your skin and automatically flashes the light, making treatment (especially of larger areas) faster and easier. Manual “Step and Flash” mode is available for when you want more control around face / bikini line etc.
Pros: Battery powered means good flexibility and recharging only takes 100 minutes
Pros: Comes with a soft case for safe storage and a DVD explaining how to use it
Cons: No in-built skin sensor available but comes with an easy-to-use skin colour guide.

Note: there is now a brand new Lumea SC2008/11 comes with the slide and flash function, the precision filter and a special additional attachment for treating the bikini area. This is rapidly dropping in price and is now retailing at around £455 but Philips have already brought out the Lumea SC2009/00 that seems to be identical but much cheaper so buy this instead (currently around £350).

Tria Beauty: Tria Hair Removal Laser X4 (NEW MODEL)

Customer Rating of Tria X4

OK, the Tria Hair Removal system is a laser as opposed to an intense pulsed light and technically should not be appearing in this list. However, in terms of how you use it to remove unwanted hair, they work in the same way and it would be remiss of us to leave out a market leading and award winning product that has been proven to provide excellent results. In fact, lasers are proven to give more permanent hair loss so for the same price as a decent IPL device you might want to consider it.

Lasers tend to use a smaller treatment heads than your typical IPL device, so treating larger areas can take slightly longer, but the Tria X4 claims to have solved this issue by cutting the treatment time by half compared to the old model so it is no longer an issue. Tria X4 Hair Removal Laser It also comes in different colours which we rather like!

Biggest Saving on: Tria X4 Hair Removal Laser: Direct from Tria Beauty – £375 or from Amazon (limited to Fuchsia)

Market leading device with proven track record for good results (this is a laser as opposed to a typical IPL so results will be more permanent) and X4 model claims to half the treatment times of old device
Pros: Good looking and comfortable to hold device
Pros: Digital display on device provides information during treatment such as the intensity setting, battery levels, a skin sensor indicator and lock status of your device.
Pros: New X4 model includes a pulse counter on the display to ensure you treat the target area with the optimum amount of flashes
Pros: Built in skin sensor ensures you’re using the optimal light intensity setting / preventing skin damage at all times
Pros: Cordless – so can use anywhere and only takes 2 hrs to charge fully
Pros: Available in 3 different colours so you can get one to match your style
Cons: Battery charge lasts 30 minutes (this should be ample but might need a quick recharge if doing both legs)
Read more about the Tria Hair Removal Laser X4 TRIA

Remington i-Light Pro IPL

 Rating for Remington  i-Light Pro IPL6000

As with the Philips Lumea IPL system there have been a lot of updated versions coming onto the market – the latest being the Remington i-Light Pro 6500 and Prestige 6750. This is great for you as it means you can pick up an older version and make great savings if you’re happy to miss out on some Remington i-Light Pro IPL6000F IPL Hair Removal Deviceof the newer features (which we’ve highlighted below for you). However, the one of the main disadvantages of the older models 4000 / 5000) was a short lamp life so we’d suggest avoiding these.

Biggest Saving on:

i-Light Prestige 6750 : Amazon – £248

i-Light Pro 6500: Amazon – £315

i-Light Unisex 6250: Boots – £277.99

i-Light Pro 6000F: Exclusive to Boots – £299
Collect £11.96 of Boots points

Pros: All models come with 5 intensity settings
Pros: All models have both single-flash and multi-flash options (for targeting specific spots or treating larger areas of your body faster)
Pros: The 6250, 6500 and 6700 models have a 50% bigger flash window compared to older models to speed up treatment on larger areas
Pros: The 6750 model also comes with 2 smaller attachments for treating the face or bikini line
Pros: Mains powered with a generous cable to maintain some flexibility of use.  The 6000 models also use a 1/3 less energy than previous models
Pros: Integrated skin sensor on all the 6000 models ensures safe light intensity is used
Pros: LED display lets you easily check light intensity, skin-sensor activity and bulb life
Pros: The iLight Pro 6000F uses a Quartz Bulb that lasts for an impressive 65,000 flashes and the 6250, 6500 and 6750 models use an infinity bulb that “will never need replacing”.
Cons: On the 4000 – 6000 models (not the 6000F and above) the lamp life is very poor. The 6000 model comes with 3 bulbs to try and alleviate this issue (and iLight replacement bulbs are also available for around £20 if necessary) but we personally would not go with these.

Find out More about the Remington i-Light Pro IPL6000F

Gillette Venus Naked IPL

Rating for Gillette Venus Naked


Made by Braun this IPL device has been around for ages and has loads of great feedback.  It bucks the trend of the other devices in that it recommends you use an IPL gel (they sell their own but others are available) to make the treatment more effective.  Apparently the gel magnifies the light but also makes for a more comfortable overall experience.

Biggest Saving on: Gillette Venus Naked: Amazon – £247.51
SAVE £202.48 (-45%)

Pros: Made by Braun so a well known name in the electronics and beauty marketGillette Venus Naked Intense
Pros: Mains powered so no waiting for batteries (though you do lose flexibility of where you can use it)
Pros: Skin sensor ensures you’re using the optimal light intensity setting / preventing skin damage at all times
Cons: They recommend you use with Gillette IPL gels for best results which are about £5 a tube
Cons: Although it has a skin sensor it is separate to the treatment lamp so you have to put it against your skin and then slot it back into the machine to analyse and adjust settings. Not a massive deal but not as good as being built in.

Silkn: SensEpil

Rating for Silk n SensEpil


The SensEpil by Silk’n is a popular IPL system that has many of the features that you get with the more expensive devices listed above – but with a price tag around the £200 mark.  With a less impressive lamp life than some devices this is probably not the best device to choose if you wanted to treat large areas of your body.

Biggest Saving on: Silkn: SensEpil: Amazon – £218.99
SAVE £31.01 (-12%)

Pros: Built in skin sensor ensures you are using the optimal light intensity setting / preventing skin damage (on newest model)Silkn SensEpil
Pros: Triggers flash on lightest contact with skin (old model relied on actual pressure on skin)
Pros: Large lamp head and fast pulse repetition means quicker treatment of larger areas (chest / legs etc)
Pros: Mains powered so no battery charging issues
Pros: Comes with a DVD giving advice on how to use it
Cons: The lamps do not last as long as others – especially compared to the Tria, Philips Lumea and Remington devices
Cons: Maximum intensity only achieves 5 Joules which is slightly lower than other devices and means treatment may take longer.

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